Media accreditation for the 2018 MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages will open soon .


If you wish to apply as a journalist, please contact Tom Arron at Brands Hatch.

If you wish to apply as a photographer or require track/stage side access, please ensure you are a Level Two passholder in the MSA Media Accreditation scheme prior to contacting Tom Arron at Brands Hatch.

Any media questions relating specifically to the event should be directed to 


Media requiring stage side access

For any media requiring trackside /stage access, please be aware of the new 2016 MSA Media Accreditation process for 2016 onwards for stage rallies. The only way of having trackside /stage access at the event is to be a Level Two MSA Media passholder. Please ensure you apply in plenty of time, details of the MSA Media Accreditation procedure, including the application form, are available here. Any questions relating to the scheme should be directed to the MSA, whose contact details can be found within the aforementioned document.